Direction Employment Employers User Guide

This User Guide is a practical resource to support and inspire employers who wish to engage with the DE project. It provides ideas on how to work with the young DE graduates, the benefits of recruiting these enthusiastic young people, and of networking with other employers also in the scheme.


Two Great Benefits

ACCESS - to a new source of well-trained job applicants

SUPPORTING - your efforts to build an inclusive and diverse workforce in your company


DE project offers employers an all-inclusive, free of charge service to recruit, train and hire new talent for specific roles in the IT domain.

The roles provided for in [Country] are

>Software Tester

>Web Developer

What DE provides for you:

LEARN - Download the full version of the Employer User Guide and read through.

Understand why you should reconsider your recruitment strategy, why you should think of DE graduates as your next source of potential candidates, and how you can access the services offered by DE project.


If your company hires people with skills in the DE job profiles or if you would like to know more about the project and the opportunities it brings, please get in touch with us (email link).


Confirm your interest in DE by filling out this employer interest online form. This will help us to advise you on how DE can be of help to you and your organisation.


Attend DE events organised especially for employers (Breakfast briefings- 5 per partner, with 10?? Employers), meet our trainers and  the young participants. You will see how our project team supports the DE trainees, giving them first class skills and giving them a positive attitude towards employment.


DE will train at least x young people in [country] for the specific roles identified. Early involvement in the project gives you priority access to the programme graduates for employment.


After a successful hiring process, we will follow up and monitor your experience with the new employee/s. We will also ask you to evaluate your satisfaction with the services provided by the project and the DE team.