WAMDIA Multiplier Event


WAMDIA was showcased at an event hosted by DMC Metrix on 5th February, 2019, in Dublin.

26 people attended, including 2 staff members from DMC Metrix. They represented government and semi-state employees at different level of seniority, the further and higher education sector, the private sector and representative of disability advocacy groups.The event started with a networking coffee while the attendees were seated and placed their name cards on the tables in front of them.

When everyone arrived, the meeting commenced with a presentation by DMC on the Erasmus + project funding programme, and the WAMDIA project, supported by the Spanish National agency.

The project included a research, survey and interview process in 2018, and the overall results were presented, with special reference to the Irish findings. Overall, there was good correspondence between the Irish results and those of the other partner countries, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Hungary.

Because WAMDIA focusses on user capability to create accessible web content, a group exercise to identify the accessibility features of a Word document took place, followed by a discussion and feedback on perceptions of digital accessibility, the need for training in creating accessible documents and monitoring them, and the skills required to do this.

After the coffee break, we discussed preferences for training format and delivery, with a preference for self-directed online learning, with optional certification. It was acknowledged that a more supported, perhaps classroom-based course might suit a cohort of candidates who had a low level of digital literacy, but that accessibility should be a key part of all digital literacy training, being particularly suitable for schools.


Finally, the views expressed at the meeting were summarised, and the attendees shared channels of promotion for WAMDIA suitable for their organisations.

We finished with a friendly lunch, with lots of new connections made among the attendees.