SkillsMatch identifies soft skills and matches them to existing online courses


With the European labour market changing and skilled employees increasing rapidly, employers are looking beyond qualifications and more into soft-skills. We aim to upskill and retrain individuals regardless of their background and provide greater access to the market. The project will develop a prototype that will recommend  to the users how to adapt their non-cognitive skills to the demands of the market. The project’s General Objective is to develop and demonstrate a European-wide assessment and learning, guiding technology which will help users to adapt their skill assets to the demands of labour market focusing on the support of Non-Cognitive Skills (NC).

The proposed solution will integrate and improve the development of NC skills by providing functionality to enable the assessment and evaluation of such skills and recommending users’ actions for bridging the gap between their skills profile and the one recommended for their target occupations. Moreover, the solution will provide options for measuring NC skills development linked to open badges to provide recognition of the new learning and skills.